My main fields of research are Political Organizations and Parties, Comparative Politics, and Information Technology/Digitalization and Politics.

My research is mostly in government and system theory on a comparative party and government research with a focus on the Federal Republic of Germany as well as political communication of democratic systems, i.e. political sociology. 

My focus is on the kind of transformation processes of intermediate systems and actors due to processes such as digital transformation, globalization, and modernization. Thematically, I cover changes in organizations in the digital age using the example of parties and their involvement in government processes as well as the integration of electronic communication into communication architectures. I see my regional focus on Western systems of government, especially in the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Methodically, I work both qualitatively (discourse and content analysis) as well as quantitatively combined with social network analysis, as well as classical statistical methods.

Expert work for:

  • German Political Quarterly,
  • Journal of Policy Advice,
  • Journal of Strategic Communication, 
  • Internet Histories, 
  • Associate Editor of Political Research Exchange
  • Member of the CAIS Programme Commission

My research priorities in short

  • party research, party organizations 
  • Comparative system theory, in general, informal governance 
  • political communication, in general. Digitization and new media 
  • political cultural research, discourse research 
  • qualitative and quantitative methods with a focus on social network analysis and triangulation